Nick Jewson

Nick Jewson

Senior Lecturer in Sociology University of Leicester, Leicester, UK


Nick Jewson is a Director of the Ethnicity Research Centre and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of Leicester.  In recent years there has been a significant growth in flexible or 'non-standard' forms of employment. Within a conceptual framework that focuses on the nature of employment relationships, the book explores the spatial and temporal connections between work and non-work and the development of flexible labour within a global arena. In addition, it considers the circumstances which have given rise to a variety of 'non-standard' forms, including the impact of deregulation, government policies, unemployment, globalisation, employer strategies and trade union responses. Providing an international and comparative focus, it offers an up-to-date and detailed account of an increasingly common form of work.

Research Interest

Gujarati, mental health, mental illness, young people.

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