Jennifer Pillay

Jennifer Pillay

Research Program Coordinator, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canada


Jennifer Pillay is a part-time student working towards her MSc in Health Technology Assessment under the supervision of Drs Menon and Stafinski. Her undergraduate work was in Food Sciences and Nutrition and she has worked at the University of Alberta since 2005, currently as research coordinator with the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Her thesis research ― as part of a 5-year grant from Genome Canada for which Drs Menon and Stafinski are investigators ― is investigating public input towards a reimbursement framework for pharmacogenomics (Pgx) for which there is much uncertainty around the role of current and future evidence requirements and the impact of social, ethical and legal aspects on diffusion of this technology. She is currently completing a systematic review to inform a deliberative process with the public. Jennifer’s education and research is funded in part by a grant from Pfizer Canada.

Research Interest

access, evaluation, healthcare quality immigrants, parturition, postnatal depression, pregnancy

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