James Williams

James Williams

Social Research and Evauation Unit, Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK


I work in the broad field of social research. I have a wide range of research interests and teach at postgraduate level. I have supervised PhD students and teach at MA level.I am particularly interested in the role of student feedback as part of institutional quality improvement processes, having undertaken institutional student feedback surveys. I have published widely in this area (what is known as ‘institutional research’) nationally and internationally. I am Associate Editor of the international journal, Quality in Higher Education and am a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Institutional Research (EAIR).I work, with colleagues, on researching issues around supporting the most vulnerable people in society.  The focus is on researching effective ways of helping vulnerable people to find their way in society, whether it is following periods in prison or leaving situations of abuse.I am a historian by background with a particular interest in Europe during the Renaissance and Reformation. In particular, I have an interest in sport as a cultural phenomenon in the period, looking specifically at how sport is used as part of elite image-making. More recently, I have started to explore aspects of the history of higher education, particularly within the local education authority sector.

Research Interest

detainees, equivalence, healthcare, police detention, prisoners, throughcare.



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