Hossam El-Din M Omar

Hossam El-Din M Omar Hossam El-Din M Omar

Prof. of Animal Physiology,
Department of Zoology,
Faculty of Science,
Assiut University,


Since 1993 , I have been teaching several course; Physiology, Immunology, Toxicology, Biochemistry for post - graduate students and several courses for under - graduate students; Physiology (1) & (2) , Immunology, Animal venoms, H ealthy fe eding , Physiology of r eproduction, and general Zoology for Faculty of agriculture, Pharmacy, and dentary

Research Interest

Biosynthesis of prostaglandin from labeled polyunsaturated fatty acids as mediators of inflammation and cellular proliferation. 2 - Bioactive compounds from natural source like venoms of snakes and scorpion , algae and its application in biology. 3 - Drugs (c isplatin & cyclosporine) and pollutants (Nitrite, morpholine, Potassium Bromate , lithium , lead, acrylamide & mycotoxins) which induced adverse a ffect s that mediated by oxidative stress in multiple organs. 4 - Xenobiotics (estrradiol & endotoxins) biotrans formation . 5 - Applications of using antioxidants in ameliorating the oxidative stress that induced by some diseases like diabetes and hyperlipidemia that induced by high fat/high sucrose diet . 6 - P revention of diabet es complication by using antioxidants .



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