Heather Daly

Heather Daly

Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Leicester Diabetes Centre, Leicester, UK


Heather Daly is well-known in the field of diabetes with a career spanning nearly 40 years, culminating in the senior position of nurse consultant in diabetes research.  Based in the Leicester Diabetes Centre, Heather currently leads a senior team specialising in developing and testing patient education programmes and healthcare professional training.  She contributes to the professional development of healthcare professionals locally, throughout the UK and internationally, through deputy directorship of the MSc in Diabetes postgraduate programme at the University of Leicester.

Heather’s achievements earlier in her career in Nottingham and Derby are documented through the papers she co-authored and the various initiatives in diabetes care in which she played a significant role.  Amongst her many interests was that of patient self-management education, influenced by Professor Jean Philippe Assal, the well-known diabetologist and pioneer educationalist.

Research Interest

cultural competence, diabetes, diversity.



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