Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly

School of Psychology, University College Dublin, Ireland


Fiona is a senior research officer with Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI).  Her research has a specific focus on fisheries related environmental issues (including water quality, Water Framework Directive (WFD) and pollution).  She provides coordination for the WFD fish monitoring programme as well as specialist and support services in relation to all fisheries related environmental issues.  She coordinates and manages IFIs GIS service and laboratories and its water quality monitoring programmes.  She has managed a variety of research project including the EPA funded Q-values and Fish Project and the NSSHARE Fish in Lakes Project: Development of a classification tool for fish in lakes. Fiona’s scientific expertise and interests include freshwater fisheries management, development of classification tools for fish (in rivers, lakes and estuaries), prediction and modelling of fish populations, field surveys and design of monitoring programmes, hydroacoustics in lakes and large rivers, microchemistry of fish scales and otoliths (using ICP-MS laser ablation) and aging and growth analysis of fish.

Research Interest

cultural competence, healthcare professionals, online learning.

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