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Dustin J Maly

Dustin J Maly

Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry

Department of Chemistry
University of Washington, USA


Dustin J Maly; Ph.D. is an Adjunct Professor of BiochemistryDepartment of Chemistry at University of Washington, USA. He had done his Ph.D from University of California at Berkeley

Research Interest

Cells use an elaborate network of signal transduction proteins to sense and respond to their environment. The Maly group aims to understand the enzyme families that are involved in these signaling events. The final goal of these studies is to identify new molecular targets for the treatment of human disease. We integrate techniques from organic chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, proteomics, and cell biology to develop new tools that provide a greater understanding of diverse signaling processes. Our technological innovations seek to address the limitations of currently existing methods for studying these highly dynamic cellular events. Furthermore, we are using these tools to answer a number of fundamental questions in biology.

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