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Damayanthi Devi.I

Damayanthi Devi.I

 Dr.B R Ambedker Open University, Hyderabad,India


 Professor in Zoology. Author of 5 Laboratory practical manuals which are the present course materials of Dr.BRAOU. Always try to adopt best practices in teaching and learning process.Completed one year course in Multimedia Technology with APTech, ARENA. Hyderabad, AP,India and Specially trained in softwares;
1.Macromedia Director 2.Macromedia Flash 3.Adobe Photoshop 4.Adobe Illustrator 5.Adobe Premier.
With this experience, one major research project on "Development, testing, and evaluation of Multimedia courseware – Aquaculture”. Funded by Common Wealth of Learning , Canada taken up and completed successfully. 
Design and Developed six interactive experiments in the Fish Pathology for the students of undergraduate Zoology. 
1.Bacterial diseases 2.Viral diseases 3.Fungal diseases
4. Protozoan diseases
5. Metazoan parasitic diseases – Helminthes ,Annelida ,Molluscan and Crustacean diseases 

The Entire Disease process is explained in step by step animations by using the software Macromedia Director on Macontosh plotform.; Macromedia Flash is used for Animations. Illustrative electronic text explaining the disease process also developed and finally submitted in print format also.
•Part of the work done in this project is included in the course material for UG & PG Zoology students of Dr.BRAOU


Research Interest

 1. Pesticide Toxicology 
2. Interactive course material development by using Interactive Multimedia technology.

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