Aryan Van der Leij

Aryan Van der Leij

 University of Amsterdam, Research Institute of Child Development and Education


Aryan van der Leij (1946) began in 1971 as a school psychologist. In 1977 he became a lecturer at the Free University in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1983 with a thesis entitled Severe reading problems. In 1984 he was appointed professor of special education, particularly educational problems.Since 1999 he has held this position at the University of Amsterdam. In 2001 he became Chairman of the Department of Pedagogy and Educational became. His research program is focussed on the characteristics, the origins and the ways to affect learning disabilities and social-emotional problems at school-including topics zoals reading and dyslexia, arithmetic problems, basic cognitive processes Involved in learning disabilities, comorbidity or learning disabilities, the relation of learning disabilities with brain functioning, and social-emotional problems zoals externalising and internalising behavior at school.

Research Interest

 Neurology, Neuroscience, Brain Functions.

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