Antonio Chiarenza

Antonio Chiarenza

Head of Research Unit, Azienda Unit, Sanitaria Locale di Reggio, Emilia, Italy


Antonio Chiarenza works with the Local Health Authority of Reggio Emilia in Italy, where he is responsible for the Research and Innovation Department. His research interests have focused on health promotion, migrant health, and community health. Antonio leads the international WHO-Health Promoting Hospitals’ Task Force on Migrant-Friendly and Culturally Competent Healthcare and the Coordinating Centre of the Regional Health Promoting Hospitals Network of Emilia-Romagna. He is a member of the core group of the Management Committee of Action ADAPT (Adapting European Health Systems to Diversity) funded by the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST). He has published articles and has presented papers on the issue of migrant's health care in national and international journals and conferences. At present, he coordinates the international project on the development of Standards for Equity in Health Care for Migrants and other Vulnerable Groups. Antonio Chiarenza received his Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Leicester.

Research Interest

equity, disability, gender, impairment, intersectionality, migration, standards

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