Andrea M Kriska

Andrea M Kriska

Professor of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Dr. Andrea M. Kriska, Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health is a physical activity epidemiologist who has guided many NIH studies in the areas of both physical activity assessment and lifestyle intervention. Dr. Kriska led the development of the physical activity component of the original Diabetes Prevention Project (DPP) lifestyle intervention curriculum as part of the national DPP Lifestyle Resource Core at the University of Pittsburgh.  She continues her involvement in physical activity intervention and assessment in the DPP Outcomes Study, and has maintained a similar role in several other multi-center (the STOPP- T2d TODAY trial, Look AHEAD) and single site (WOMAN, SAVE, WWF) studies.  With a focus and passion towards prevention, Dr. Kriska is PI of an NIDDK study involving the translation of the DPP’s successful behavioral intervention into diverse community settings ranging from senior centers and the worksite to the military. She recently served as the PI of an NIH funded investigation of activity/inactivity in the DPP using objective monitoring.

Dr. Kriska is a faculty member of the Diabetes Prevention Support Center of the University of Pittsburgh, which provides training and support in lifestyle intervention efforts in diverse communities. Much of her research and almost all of her service efforts, including local and national committees and task forces,  focus on underserved populations in which prevention efforts are most needed.

Research Interest

Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Change; Impact on Lifestyle Intervention Effects for Diabetes Translation (NIH)
Diabetes Prevention Translation Project:  The Healthy LIFESTYLE project (NIDDK)

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