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    March 05-06, 2018 Berlin, Germany
  • World Congress on Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry
    May 28-30, 2018 Osaka, Japan


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Human Genetics, Emory University, School of Medicine, USA
My name is Ying Cheng, and I?m currently a postdoctoral researcher in Department of Human Genetics at Emory University in U.S. I have been paying close attention to British Biomedical Bulletin for quite a long time and would like to learn more from it while being involved in. Therefore, could you please offer me an opportunity to contribute to your journal as a reviewer? I received my Ph.D. from Hokkaido University, Japan with an emphasis on genetics and molecular biology. I am working on epigenetics, miRNA and neurological disorders in my postdoctoral research. I?ve published 11 papers in different journal, including Cell, Experimental Neurology and Human molecular genetics. In the past a few years, I also have plenty of experience in reviewing manuscripts for the journals Genetics, FEBS Journal, PLoS One and so on. Throughout my career training, I benefited tremendously from the insightful comments and suggestions of peer reviews. I would like to contribute to the forefront of science and research and volunteer as a reviewer of your prestigious journal. Also, reviewing manuscript will also improve my expertise and giving me an opportunity to take responsibilities in scientific communities.

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