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    May 24-26, 2018 Vienna, Austria
  • 6th International Conference on Sports Nutrition & Fitness
    August 16-17, 2018 Dublin, Ireland
  • 17th World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry
    September 13-15, 2018 London, UK

Wei Perng

Wei Perng
Research Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Public Health, USA
Dr. Perng is a nutritional epidemiologist who focuses on maternal and child health. Her research interests fall under three lines of inquiry: (1) elucidating early-life determinants of childhood obesity and related metabolic sequelae; (2) identifying biological pathways that underlie excess weight gain during early life; and (3) understanding how maternal condition during the peripartum period predict her future cardiovascular and metabolic health. Dr. Perng conducts her investigations in primarily in Project Viva, a Boston-area pre-birth cohort, the Early Life Exposure in Mexico to ENvironmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) cohort, a birth cohort in Mexico City.
Research Interest
Nutritional epidemiology, metabolomics, childhood obesity, childhood dysmetabolism, child growth trajectories, women's health, maternal-child health.

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