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Taís Mata dos Santos

Taís Mata dos Santos
Head of the Hospital Pharmacy, Bagé Garrison Hospital, Brazil
Pharmaceutical with general education by the University of the Region of the Campaign - URCAMP (2008). He has a specialization in Infectious-Parasitic Agents of Human Interest from the Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG (2010). Master and PhD in Health Sciences from FURG (2011 and 2015). He has experience in clinical analysis (laboratory diagnosis), in parasitology with emphasis on parasitological diagnosis and in the biological and cytotoxic evaluation of compounds heterocycles and plant extracts. Experience in the manipulation of homeopathic, magisterial and workshop formulas, and in pharmaceutical care and assistance with an emphasis on the rational use of medicines. He is currently head of the Hospital Pharmacy at Bagé Garrison Hospital.
Research Interest
Infectious Agents-Parameters of Human Interest

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