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Paritosh Mohanty

Paritosh Mohanty Paritosh Mohanty
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT ROORKEE, Roorkee-247 667, Uttarakhand, INDIA.
Paritosh Mohanty is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. His research group is working on creating advanced functional materials for protecting the environment and generating renewable energy. His main topics of research are materials chemistry, nanoporous materials, polymeric and hybrid materials, CO2 capture and separation, and nanostructure immobilized cellulose matrices, and environmental remediation. He has developed various porous systems including polymers, and inorganic- organic hybrid materials for gas storage and separation, supercapacitor applications and removal of organic dyes and heavy metal ions from aqueous solution etc. He has developed an ideal and facile method to immobilize metal oxide nanostructures on cellulose matrices. These have been used for antimicrobial and photocatalytic applications. He has authored 49 peer reviewed research articles, 6 patents and several invited lectures in conferences.
Research Interest
Materials chemistry, Nanoporous materials, Polymeric and hybrid materials, CO2 capture and separation, and Nanostructure immobilized cellulose matrices, and Environmental remediation.

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