Akhilanand chaurasia

Akhilanand chaurasia
Assistant professor and consultant at King George?s Medical University, India.
Dr.Akhilanand chaurasia,assistant professor and consultant at King George?s Medical University, India has dedicated meticulous efforts and supreme services pertaining to oral medicine,oral biology and community health. He has remarkable credit of contributing to academics by publishing 54 manuscripts,peer reviewers of more than 150 international journals, editor in cheif of 2 national journals, associate editor of 1 international journal, editor of 10 international journals,editorial board members of 17 international journals, one of top 10 authors of Eurorad, ambassador of European association of cancer research. He has delivered 4 state level, 9 national level and 7 international level guest lectures at conferences held worldwide.
Research Interest
1.Cancer Epigenetics and Diagnostics 2.Environmental Epigenetics 3.Epigenetic Therapy 4.Impact of Epigenetics on Precision Treatment and Medicine

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