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Polymer Chemistry 2018

Polymer Sciences

ISSN: 2471-9935

Page 35

March 26-28, 2018

Vienna, Austria



Edition of International Conference and Exhibition on

Polymer Chemistry


anostructured materials based on aromatic heterocyclic

polymers, polyheteroarylenes (PHA) are now widely

common in photovoltaics, membrane technologies, sensor

and electrochemical devices, etc. New PHAs convertible by

electrospinning to nanofiber mats are demanded on modern state

of nanotechnology for example as highperformance carbonaceous

material of gas diffusion electrodes (GDE) for hydrogen-air polymer

electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). The spinnability of

polyheteroarylenes was not a subject of large investigations. The

process of PHA electrospinning is a very challenging task. There


material certainly. Failing to find a right set of electrospinning

conditions may lead to the impossibility of nanofiber formation.

Hence, many parameters of the electrospinning process should

be found empirically, which in some cases is a long and routine

process. Only few papers describe nanofiber materials based on

some polyimides, m-polybenzimidazole (m-PBI) and semi-ladder

PIM-1 obtained only on so called “needle” setups. Elmarco’s first

“needle-free” electrospinning equipment Nanospider™ is proved

by industrial operation; a technology based on spinning from

a free liquid surface. Needle-free process guarantees optimal

distance between Taylor cones, excellent web and fiber uniformity,

simplicity of design, robustness against clogging of a spinneret,

increased productivity due to the simultaneous operation of

numerous jets. The lecture will be devoted to the production

of new high-tech PHAs nanofibers and non-woven materials

eminently suitable for electrochemical applications.

Recent Publications:

1. Skupov K M, Ponomarev I I, Razorenov D Yu, Zhigalina V G,




modification for higher performance of phosphoric acid

fuel cells on polybenzimidazole membrane. Russian

Journal of Electrochemistry 53(7):728–733.

2. Zhigalina V G, Zhigalina O M, Ponomarev I I, Skupov K M,

Razorenov D Yu,

et al.

(2017) Electron microscopy study

of new composite materials based on electrospun carbon

nanofibers. Cryst Eng Comm. (RSC) 19(27):3792–3800.

3. Skupov Kirill M, Ponomarev Igor I, Razorenov Dmitry

Y, Zhigalina Viktoria G, Zhigalina Olga M,

et al.


Carbon nanofiber paper electrodes based on heterocyclic

polymers for high temperature polymer electrolyte

membrane fuel cell. Macromol. Symp. 375(1):1600188–


4. Razorenov Dmitry Y, Skupov Kirill M, Volkova Yulia A,

Ponomarev Ivan I, Chaika Elena M,

et al.

(2017) Poly(N-

phenylenebenzimidazoles): a new approach for monomer

synthesis. Macromol. Symp. 375(1):1600152–59.

5. I I Ponomarev, K M Skupov, D Yu Razorenov, V G Zhigalina,

O M Zhigalina,

et al.

(2016) Electrospun nanofiber


membranes. Russ J Electrochem 52:735.


Ivan Ponomarev PhD. is the Head of Chemistry and Technology Department

at ELMARCO s.r.o. (Czech Republic). He obtainedmaster degree fromRussian

University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Material technology and new

composite material technology in the academic year 2001–2007. His master

degree work was partially carried out at A N Nesmeyanov Institute of Organo-

element Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences. He received PhD. Degree

fromANNesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds Russian Acad-

emy of Sciences, Moscow in the year 2007–2010. Main topic: Synthesis of

high-tech polymers for fuel cells, design of membrane electrode assemblies.

From 2005–2010 he worked as Researcher at A N Nesmeyanov Institute of

Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, where he worked

on the synthesis of high-tech polymers for fuel cells, management of project

part, design of membrane electrode assembly. His research interests include

electrospinning, synthesis and modification of heterocyclic polymers and new

nanomaterial creation. In 2010 Ivan started his career as R&D project manager

at Elamrco company - world leader in industrial nanofiber equipment produc-

tion based on patented Nanospider™ technology. Since 2015 Mr. Ponomarev

is leading Chemistry & Technology department at Elmarco.

[email protected]

Electrospinnig of polyheteroarylenes for new nanofiber

functional materials

Iv I Ponomarev


, I I Ponomarev


, D Yu Razorenov


, K M Skupov


, O M Zhigalina



Yu A Volkova


, V G Zhigalina


, Yu M Volfkovich



V E Sosenkin



ELMARCO s.r.o., Czech Republic


Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Iv I Ponomarev et al., Polym Sci, Volume 4

DOI: 10.4172/2471-9935-C1-008