Welcome to the Journal of Biology and Medical-Research. Scientifically, we encounter an evolution of technology in today’s world of biology and medical-research. Our journal will strive in the communication of this effort to make known new and innovative ideas in the various areas of research. An impartial attitude in the exploration of this endeavor. To attain scientific accomplishment, a researcher must be above and beyond anything and everything that would compromise a devotion to the discipline. With that being said, we look forward to a 21st Century approach in the publication of new concepts, techniques and biological/medical discoveries for our journal. We stand upon advanced capabilities in the computerization of our research. And we need to bring our findings before those who subscribe to this interest. Our collaboration of ideas and data from medical research will gain a more in- depth insight into this area of study. As Editor-in-Chief I invite you to contribute to the current stage of this development. An investment of shared knowledge on an international level.

Washington AJ

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis, Bronx, New York City, USA


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