Genetic syndrome

 Any abnormality in the genome especially a condition present from birth is a genetic syndrome which is also called as congenital. Mostly the genetic syndromes are rare they occur for one in thousands or millions persons. Syndrome is disorder where more than one identifying feature or symptom occurs. Depending on the aspects aspects of development each genetic syndrome will have many genetic symptoms. Genetic syndrome is affected by genes and chromosomes. Due to genetic syndrome a child may born with neurological functions, abnormal body functions or even body deformities. Genetic Syndrome journals covers the topics related to herediatery diseases.

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A syndrome is a  disorder that has more than one identifying symptom. When one or more of these genes or chromosomes are missing or mutated, then it results in genetic syndromes. There are 23pairs of chromosomes present in DNA if any one chromosome miss from these then it may also result in genetic syndrome. Due to genetic syndrome a  child might be born with obvious body deformities, abnormal organ function or neurological problems.

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