Erythema is characterized by the reddening of the skin, the appearance of the rash. Erythema is caused due to injury or irritation is caused to blood capillaries. Different types of erythemas include photosensitive erythema, erythema multiform and erythema nodusum. In multiform erythema the symptoms are sports or lesions, fever, itchy skin, joint aches, general ill feeling and for nodusum erythema the symptoms are reddish, painful and tender lumps appear usually on the legs below the knees. Erythema journals deals with reddening of skin and rashs.

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Erythema means ‘reddening’ of the skin due to inflammation which is usually a result of accumulation of cells of the immune system and chemicals these cells release.This condition causes uncontrollable itching and irritation and tending to scratch themselves until they bleed. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of erythema: exposure to heat, insect bites, infections, allergy, non-ionizing radiation (sunlight, UV) and ionizing radiation (X-ray, nuclear radiation).



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