Anti-Retroviral Drugs

The antiretroviral drugs are used for the treatment of HIV. These drugs prevent the damage of HIV These drugs are classified into different classes such as Nucleoside /nucleotide reverse transcript inhibitors: it is also called as stops the HIV reproduction process. Example (Zidovudine, Didanosine). Non-nucleoside reverse transcript inhibitors: it is also called as is also works in the same way to stops the HIV copies of DNA. Example (Nevirapine, Delavirdin).Protease inhibitors: these inhibitors are block the enzyme to stop the HIV replication process. Example (Saquinavir,indianavir). Fusion inhibitors: Prevent the HIV from binding to human cells. Example (Enfuvirtide , Maraviroc). integrase inhibitors: These interfere the integraseenzyme, preventing the process from virus replication. Example (Raltegravir,Elvitegravir,Dolutegravir).

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