Aim and Scope

Research in Genes and Proteins aims to promote the exchange of original knowledge and research in any area of ethno medicine. This journal invites research articles and reviews based on original interdisciplinary studies on the inextricable relationships between human cultures and nature/universe, Traditional Environmental/Ecological Knowledge (TEK), folk and traditional medical knowledge, as well as the relevance of these for environmental and public health policies.
Research in Genes and Proteins journal will cover the following topics: ethno botany, ethno mycology, ethno zoology, ethno ecology (including ethno pedology), ethno metereology, ethno climatology, ethno astronomy, ethno pharmacy, ethno medicine, ethno veterinary, traditional medicines, traditional healthcare in households and domestic arenas, migrant healthcare/urban ethno biology, pluralistic healthcare in developing countries, evidence-based community health, visual ethno biology and ethno medicine, gender studies and ethno biology, as well as other related areas in environmental, nutritional, medical and visual anthropology.