Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research publishes peer reviewed articles of contemporary research in the broad field of biomedical sciences. 


Journal Focus Scopes:

Pharmacy Physical Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacy Practise
Pharmacy informatics Pharmacy Practise
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacoinformatics Pharmacokinetics
Pharmaceutics Pharmacy Practise
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Drug Discovery
Drug Design Drug Delivery
Pharmacology Drug Reactions
Action of Drugs Marine Pharmacognosy
Drug Design Drug Delivery
Drug Design Drug Delivery
Nutraceuticals Community pharmacy
Community pharmacy Drug Delivery
Medicinal chemistry Pharmacodynamics
Pharmacotherapeutics Pharmacovigilance
Medicinal chemistry Pharmacy monitoring
Clinical Pharmacy Pharmacodynamics
Bioavailability Studies Bioequivalence Studies
Biochemical Pharmacology Biochemistry of Medicinal
Plants Biopharmaceutics Biotechnology Botanical
Chemistry of Natural Products Clinical Use of Medicines