Professor Belewu, M.A

Professor Belewu, M.A
(Animal Production Department, University of Ilorin).


(a) Comparative evaluation of graded levels of Eucalyptus oil on the performance characteristics of Lactating West African dwarf sheep. (b) Effect of different levels of Moringa oleifera oil on the performance characteristics of West African dwarf goat

Research Interest

(a) Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production (b) Member, Animal Science Association of Nigeria. (c) Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (d) Member, Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology. (e) Member, American Society of Microbiology,USA (f) Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, USA (g) Council member, Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology (h) Member, International Goat Association, USA (I) Member, Dairy group of the Nigeria Institute of Animal Science.

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