Prof. Dr. Gazi Yigitbasi

Prof. Dr. Gazi Yigitbasi
Medipol University, Medicine Faculty, Department of Otorhinolryngology, Istanbul, Turkey


Dr. Gazi Yigitbasi in the year 1993 awarded Doctorate from Erciyes University Medical Faculty ENT Department and completed graduation from Kayseri University. In 2005, Erciyes University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology Assoc. Doctor. In 1999 (Exam place Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine. Otorhinolaryngology USA) Asst. Assoc. Dr. 1996, Erciyes University Medical Faculty ENT Department of ENT Specialist 18-11-1993, Erciyes University Medical Faculty ENT Department of Medical Doctors of 1988 Ege University Faculty of Medicine Thesis electrodiagnostic peripheral facial paralysis Place the test Supervisor: Professor Dr. Ercihan South Erciyes University Medical Faculty, Department of Otolaryngology, Kayseri-1993 SPECIAL STUDY AREA Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery. He attended conferences 1) Erciyes University Medical Faculty of the 30th anniversary celebrations marking the 1998 most international broadcasting lecturer winning faculty. 2) Texas University MD Anderson Cancer held in Center "8th Trainee Recognition Day and Research Exposition" Clinical contest / Tran slational Research First prize in the category in May 2004. 3) Aegean Health Association, "Chief of the Year Award", September 2009. 4) zmir Konak District of "Outstanding Achievement Award" in November 2010.

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