Murugesan Arumugam

Murugesan Arumugam
UGC-BSR Fellow, Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, India


I am Murugesan Arumugam a graduate in Pharmacy, Presently doing my doctoral research in the Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, India. I am privileged by getting awarded with meritorious UGC-BSR fellowship from the Government of India to carry out my doctoral research. Currently I am seeking to better understand of the pathophysiology of Migraine, especially why most of the antimigraine compounds are not showing promising efficacy in the clinic. I have an ample of industrial research experience prior to my doctoral research. I worked with Suven Life Science Ltd, Hyderabad for a period of four years, where I have gained a good amount of knowledge and applied my skills in drug discovery research. My expertise in drug induced receptor occupancy assay for various novel brain targets using both in-vivo and ex-vivo preclinical models. I actively involved in many biomarker assay method establishment, especially in Cognition and Neuropathic pain to test the efficacy of NCE’s. I also involved in study design and interpretation of PK/PD modelling of the NCE’s using receptor occupancy and biomarker assay. Further, my post graduate dissertation work was sponsored by Vaidhyanathan Oushadhasala a leading Ayurvedic company in India. The project involved to test the antidiabetic efficacy and toxicity of MEHANIL an Ayurvedic formulation. Presently, MEHANIL is available in the clinic as a tablet.

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