Dr. Valentina Echeverria Moran

Dr. Valentina Echeverria Moran
Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Health Care System, USA


The incumbent received a title of Biochemist from the University of Concepcion in Chile after 5 years of study in the faculty of pharmacy sciences after training in the following areas: Immunology, biochemistry, anatomy, hematology, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, the general courses of basic sciences, after the 5 years he/she performed two years of research thesis and a month of clinical biochemistry experience working in the general Hospital in Concepcion, Chile.

Research Interest

Then he/she obtained a Master degree in Sciences with mention in Biochemistry that finished with distinction in 1994. Her Master degree thesis was in molecular mechanisms of resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, and was financed by a teaching graduate award. During the Master degree, he/she published two papers and obtained an international fellowship to spend one semester at the In vitro Cell Biology and Biotechnology program from the State University of New York (SUNNY) at Plattsburgh (1993). This program was directed to learn new techniques in biotechnology such as in vitro fertilization, DNA transfection, microscopy and gene and protein analysis. In this 700 h program he/she obtained a GPA (+ 4.0).


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