Dr. Nikolaos G. Vlahos

Dr. Nikolaos G. Vlahos
(School of Agricultural Technology and Food and Nutrition Technology, Department of Fisheries technologies & Aquaculture, Greece).


Dr Nikolaos G. Vlahos, School of Agricultural Technology and Food and Nutrition Technology,Department of Fisheries technologies & Aquaculture.Specialty Field: Nutrition, Nutrition physiology, Biology and Reproduction of Ornamental fish, Aquaculture of Ornamental fish and Aquarium industry, Aquascaping and Design of Aquariums (fresh water, salt water and reef aquarium), Plant aquarium, Aquaponics, Physiology of Aquatic Animals in aquaponics

Research Interest

Ornamental aquaculture; Nutrition physiology of aquatic animal Nutrition and feeding of ornamental fish; Feeding formulation-Aqua feed technology; Biology and reproduction of ornamental fish; Aquaria and small recirculation water systems construction and running; Small scale tropical fish production; Aquascaping and Aquarium design; Aquaponics.