Dr. Hanaa Hamdy Ahmed

Dr. Hanaa Hamdy Ahmed
Professor, Medical Research Division, National Research Centre. Egypt


Prof. Hanaa Hamdy Ahmed,Professor and Head of Hormones Department, Medical Research Division, National Research Centre. Birth Date (21/6/1963). BSc. (1985), MSc .(1990) and PhD (1998) -Faculty of Science-Cairo University. Assistant Professor, Hormones Department, Medical Research Division, National Research Centre (31/5/2003); Professor(1/6/2008),Vice president of Hormones Department(2010-2013) and Head of Hormones Department(4/2013-4/2015). Research experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Hormones, Biophysics, Endocinology and Clinical Chemistry. 45 published papers in local scientific periodicals, 119 international periodicals and 20 international books. Supervised 28 masters and 37 PhDs. Participated in 26 local and 1 international scientific projects. Reviewed 17 local projects, 147 international papers, 29 local papers and 32 masters and PhDs. Attended 202 local conferences, 11 international conferences,32 scientific meetings and 85 workshops and training courses. Participated in organizing 3 conferences for the Medical Research Division(January and December 2013) and Dec. 2014 and 2 workshops.

Research Interest

Member in the Scientific Committees of the Scientific Production Examination for Positions of Professors and Assistant Professors at Supreme Council of Universities and the Scientific Committee for Basic Sciences at National Research Centre. Board member of the Arab Society for Medical Research and the Egyptian Association of Science and Technologies Biomaterials. Member at 18 local and 4 international scientific associations. Member of editorial board of 17 international journals, reviewer of 3 local and 40 international journals. Awarded the Scientific Encouraging Prize in Medical Sciences-National Research Centre-2006, Excellence Prize in Research Products for 2009 and 2011,Certificate of Merit for the research outputs for 2012 and 2013 and the Prize of Excellence at the National Research Center in the Field of Science and Technology, which serves the Advanced Medical Science(2014)


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