Dr. Geir Bjorklund

Dr. Geir Bjorklund
Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM), Norway


Geir Bjørklund has a background as an independent researcher, editor, medical/health science writer, and advisor to scientific journals worldwide. He has also had consulting assignments for the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision (Statens helsetilsyn, Oslo, Norway). Bjørklund has since 2013 collaborated in research with international researchers from more than 30 universities and institutions. He is founder and president of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine - an international non-profit association with members in more than 60 countries (July 2015). Geir Bjørklund is also a member of various other scientific organizations, including the Norwegian Association of Social Scientists, and the World Association of Medical Editors. He is an associate member of the Norwegian Medical Association, and the Swedish Society of Toxicology.

Research Interest

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine