Dr. Dan Frenkel

Dr. Dan Frenkel
Department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Sagol School of Neuroscience, Israel


Dr. Dan Frenkel and his colleagues? research focus is on glial-neuronal cell interactions to clarify their role in neurological diseases, both in culture and in animal models of Alzheimer?s disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke. His lab combines approaches such as molecular biology as well as immunological approaches to shed light on the genes and proteins involved in glial cell function, in particular microglia and astrocyte. They have developed novel approaches to isolate adult glia from mice and to investigate their genetic and proteins profile that relate to pathological condition. Furthermore they aim define the link between glia function to cognition using different behavioral tests. Dr. Frenkel has previously served as an Instructor of Neurology at the center of Neurological Diseases at Harvard Medical School, where he completed his post-doctoral studies before returning to Israel in 2007 as a lecturer and assistant professor since 2011 at TAU in the neurobiology department. He was awarded career development award for an outstanding young scientist from the Human Frontier Science Program Organization in 2008 for studying reactive microglia in Alzheimer?s Disease, and has been published in an array of scientific journals including the Journal of clinical investigation, Annals of Neurology and the Proceeding National Academy of Science, Nature communication and Nature.?.

Research Interest

Neurological Diseases, Alzheimer?s Disease


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