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Current Neurobiology is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, bi-annual, online Journal that aims to promote the Exchange of Original knowledge and Research in any area of Neurobiology.

Current Neurobiology Welcomes research articles and reviews from Broad field of Interdisciplinary Studies on Neuroscience that include Nervous system in Living Organisms ,Neurophysiological, Biochemical, Pharmacological, Molecular Biological, Anatomical, Computational and Clinical Neuroscience.

Specifically, the Journal will cover the following Topics: explorations into the Structure, Function, Development, Biochemistry, Physiology and Pathology of the Nervous System, Brain and the Brain's Development, Coursework and Research in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurobiology, Psychology, Bioengineering, Neuroimaging, Theoretical, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Evolutionary, Genetic and Neuro-Modulation.

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