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What are the Barriers to Increase Breast Cancer

Objective: In India, the screening rate for breast cancer is significantly lower than other countries such as the USA or UK or Australia, leading to more than 68% of breast cancers being detected at stage 3A or later. This paper analyses the reasons for said screening rate being relatively low.

Methods: 6 previous papers written on screening barriers to breast cancer were inspected and analysed. A study was conducted by sending it on online forums to a random sample of residents of India. The respondents were female. Their responses are tabulated below: 2PACX-1vQxrcbK7uCcKnjjk_ 6ps8UXcpDGa52jCmRZJ8qrxH9oqNwSzPskW3tespSy5vVsR fyAkoinRkJZotO/pub?gid=781555099&single=true&output=pdf

Results: The majority of the women surveyed felt that screening was not necessary and hence did not undergo breast cancer screening; however, women surveyed also felt that they were afraid of being diagnosed with breast cancer, screening seemed too expensive an option, screening procedures were too expensive, and that they were afraid of the radiation

Conclusion: Having identified a few of the multiple barriers to breast cancer screening in the Delhi NCR region, a scalable model for a population level organised screening project must be devised which may overcome maximum number of these barriers in the interest of incrementing the screening rate, and hence survival rate for breast cancer in India

Author(s): Aditya Bharath

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