Treatment of malnourished children by Ayurvedic principles w.s.r to Charakokta dashemani

Since centuries malnutrition has been a constant threat to our society. Though several steps have been taken for its elimination we have not been able to remove it in a substantial manner. Ayurveda is an age old treatment modality and its efficacy has stood the test of time but its efficacy in treating this condition has not been gauged in a methodic way. Ayurveda has a rich arsenal for combating various diseases and allied conditions. It also has variety of treatment protocols. One modality that is very popular and effective even in short time frame is its Vyadhi prayanik chikitsa.Vyadhi pratyanik chikitsa is targeted towards vyadhi-diseased state or condition with potent medicines that can pacify dosh-dushya and vyadhi altogether. The dashemaani drugs described by Acharya Charak are a set of such drugs. Each drug of specific set is cautiously chosen and is highly efficient in resolving the relevant disease/disease entity/disease condition. Specific drugs were selected from the different dashemaani. Children of aanganwadi of Vasvel village, Dist. Vadodara were selected as the subjects of the study. Increase in weight, was taken as benchmark for the study along with monitoring of general wellness as a subjective parameter. Weight gain was observed in all children .Details would be presented and discussed in complete paper.

Author(s): Sudhir Joshi

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