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The communication between radiographer and pediatric patient during imaging procedure

Background: Effective communication in this process plays a positive role because through various studies it is noticed that when radiographer and nurses talk politely and nicely with the paediatric patients during diagnostic imaging procedure then it delivers positive impact in their mind. Radiographer has the responsibility for ensuring effective communication in order to accomplish successful imaging (Dunlop, 2015). Through various studies it is analysed that talking nicely with paediatric patients release dopamine chemical in their brain which makes them feel comfortable. Thus, it is extremely essential that members of radiologist and team members should incorporate polite tones while talking their patients because it will resultant in obtaining successful imaging in effective and efficient way possible. Although effective communication also resultant in creating better relationship (Perry, et. al., 2018).

Summary of work: It analyzed that effective communication between radiographer and paediatric patient helps the radiographer in getting clear and successful imaging. In this study, it is suggested that when radiographer although, it is also analyzed that effective communication helps radiographer in building effective relationship with patients. Patients also feel good and satisfying when they observe that tone for their radiographer is extremely polite.

Findings: From the analyses it is investigated that effective communication by a radiographer plays a vital role in successful imaging of the patients (Dunlop, 2015).

Discussion: Effective communication leads to successful imaging procedure and it also deliver benefits in reduction of radiation dose in ASD patients.

Conclusion: It is concluded that effective communication between radiographer and paediatric patients during imaging process has two main fundamental benefits. Firstly, effective communication helps in accomplishing successful imaging during the process. Secondly, it also resultant in creating better relationship between radiographer and paediatric patients.

Author(s): Hissa Mohammed

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