The basics of neuroscience and neuro scientific disorders

Central Nervous System (CNS) is the chief controlling and coordinating centre of human body. Scientific researches on it indicate that the life is an outcome of five basic elements of the universe -â??Pancha maha bhutasâ?? (The Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space), as described in Indian philosophy and also by Leonard Da Vinci. Further it leads to Neuroscience which has broadened over time to include different approaches to study the nervous system at different scales and techniques that had expanded enormously from molar and molecular level to the total behavioural imaging of sensory, motor and cognitive tasks of brain. This is Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary science that deals with researches such as neurobiology, mathematics, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, and medicine with cellular, functional, behavioural, evolutionary, computational, molecular, and medical aspects of the nervous system. As such Neuroscientists focus on the central nervous system and its impact on behaviour. They also investigate what happens to the nervous system when the people are having Neuro -scientific disorders, i.e., neurobiological, psychiatric, and neuro developmental disorders. This presentation deals with fundamentals of Neuroscientific aspects of life, like, how it emerges from the balance of pancha maha bhutas that leads to the creation of DNA, the building block of human beings and how any imbalance of any elements at any level will lead to improper protein synthesis that leads to Neuroscientific disorders. Behaviour is always greater than knowledge. No doubt physical and metaphysical aspects of body and mind crown our behaviour. But we canâ??t ignore the influence of instincts and the effects of environment. Thus knowledge is an outcome of science (that deals with both the instinct of Eros and instinct of Thanatos) and spirituality (deals with only instinct of Eros), that Neuroscience is based on .Any imbalance in any of the above mentioned facts in any sphere will lead to Neuroscientific disorders. Many scientific remedies have been developed by the scientists to get rid of these disorders which need further development with greater vision .More conscious effort is required to create awareness among the people about the fundamental knowledge of development of central nervous system, from the atom and spiriton level so that neuroscientific disorders can be controlled, prevented and managed among the human beings in global context.
Author(s): Santa Misra

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