Study On Phenotypic And Morphometric Characteristics Of Nilli-Ravi Buffaloes Calves At Livestock Research And Development Station, Paharpur Dera Ismail Khan khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan.

 A study was conducted at Livestock Research and Development Station, Paharpur Dera Ismail Khan khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan to document the phenotypic and Morphometric characteristic of Niliravi Buffalo Calves. Total 25 Niliravi buffalo calves were studied. Phenotypic characteristic were recorded visually. Majority (95.1%) of Nili ravi buffalo calves have black coat color with white forehead, muzzle, tail switch and lower part of the legs. Calves with black forehead and black lower parts of the legs have also been reported. Physical characteristic (color of coat, muzzle, face, eyelash, hooves and tail switch) were recorded visually. Morphometric measurements (heart girth, body length, height at withers, ear length, forehead length neck length and tail length) were recorded by using measuring tape. Mean heart girth, body length and height at withers were recorded as 38±1.70 inches 28±4.78 inches and 34±1.26 inches, respectively. Average birth and weaning weight was recorded 33±1.22 and 65.0±5.00 kg, respectively. Average daily growth rate up to weaning of Niliravi buffalo calves was recorded 0.35 kg. Nilli-Ravi buffalo is an indigenous breed of Pakistan and is ranked as an important dairy breed of buffalo.

Author(s):  Safiullah ,  Amjad Ali , Israr- ud- din  , Shazeb Khan , Imran Khan ,  Akhtar Ali , Abidullah ,  Saghir Imdad Hassan 

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