Prevalence of Physical Injuries among Pediatric Patients who Consulted at the Emergency Room of a Secondary Government Hospital in Paranaque from October 2015 â?? March 2016

Objective:  To determine the prevalence of physical injuries among pediatric patients who consulted at the emergency room of a secondary government hospitalin Parañaque from October 2015 – March 2016
Design:  Prospective, observational, descriptive study
Setting : Emergency Room at a secondary hospital in Parañaque City

Participants: Pediatric patients, ages 0-18 years old, who consulted the emergency room of a secondary hospital in Parañaque City from October 2015  to March 2016 because of physical injury acquired from accidents

Methods : Data were  gathered from the patients and/or patient’s companion which were recorded in their charts,  Data gathered and compared were: 1. Age, 2.  Sex, 3. Time of injury, 4.  Place of injury, 5.  Cause of injury,  6. Physical findings,  7. Disposition
Statistical Analysis: Univariate analysis - frequency distribution were used.

Results:Injuries are majority in aged 5-9 and 10-14 years old. There is a male predominance.  Most common causes  are fall, sharp objects, violence, vehicular accident, heat related,  animal bite, foreign body ingestion, poisoning and near-drowning. Injuries reported were abrasion,  laceration, hematoma,  contusion and punctured wound. Majority were discharged home.

Conclusion: Top three cause of injuries were fall, sharp objects and violence both in second place and vehicular accident in third.Injuries are better prevented than treated.  Being aware of the causes involved, we could be able to prevent its occurrence and their consequences. Proper supervision for younger children and discipline for older children are key to prevention.

Author(s): Lorela Cortez - Dy

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