Prevalence of Drug-Induced Psychosis Among Youths Aged (15-30) Years in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Admitted in Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Maiduguri

Drug abuse is a common cause of major mental health problem in many countries of the world including Nigeria. The study is non-experimental design and retrospective in nature which aimed at assessment of prevalence of druginduced psychosis among youths aged (15-30) years in Maiduguri metropolitan council, admitted in federal neuropsychiatric hospital Maiduguri from January 2010- December 2014. The specific objectives were: to identify which age group is at higher risk of developing drug-induced psychosis, to identify which year under study with the highest prevalence and to identify the occupations of patients mostly affected by drug-induced psychosis. Selfdeveloped checklist was used to obtained data from the patients’ files for the months under study. Descriptive statistics was used to summarized and analysed the collected data from medical records of patients. The collected data were analysed using frequency, percentages and presented in tables. The stated hypotheses were tested using chi-square and ANOVA statistic. The result showed that the year 2011 had the highest number of admitted cases of drug-induced psychosis with 105 patients admitted with drug-induced psychosis 22.69% were students. The findings also showed that the prevalence of drug-induced psychosis among the youths in Maiduguri Metropolitan council is on the increase. The researchers made the following recommendations: public health awareness campaign should be carried out from time to time on the dangers of illicit drug or substances use using mass media, government should re-empower agencies by reviewing constitutions to make agencies prosecute offender, and, government should formulate national policies and guidance that will address cases of illicit drugs or substances use among youths.

Author(s): Habu H, Emmanuel O Chukwu*, Inuwa A, Robert RT, Maigari B and Lola N

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