Palmitoylethanolamide and other Lipid Autacoids in the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A New Chapter in Pain Medicine

We gathered clinical expertise since 2010 victimization associate degree oral formulation of associate degree endogenous supermolecule traveler, associate degree secretion, in an exceedingly nice several neuropathic pain disorders [1]. This compound palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), is that the image of supermolecule autacoids, able to counteract chronic inflammation and chronic pain. PEA is accessible since 2005 as a supplement (nutraceutical) [2] (Figure 1). presently there solely 2 prime quality and patent-based formulations clinically tested and obtainable (without prescription needed), one product is developed in Italian Republic (Normast, three hundred and 600 mg tablets), and one within the Kingdom of The Netherlands (PeaPure, four hundred mg capsules). In our Dutch Institute for Neuropathic Pain we've worked with each formulations in patients laid low with variety of chronic pain disorders, primarily in neuropathic pain, and documented our findings in numerous case-report series [3,4]. Since a pair of decades new supermolecule autacoids are discovered. this can modification the landscape of the treatment of chronic pain, particularly since these categories square measure barren of the hard facet effects we all know from classical analgesics

Author(s): Hesselink JMK

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