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Osteoarthritis deals with the neuromuscular systems

Osteoarthritis (osieoarthrosis, O.A) This is a degenerative non-inflammatory disease that results in pain and restricted
movement of affected joints. In its early stages, OA is often asymptomatic. Articular cartilage gradually becomes thinner
because its renewal doesnot keep pace with its breakdown. Eventually the bony articular surfaces come in contact and the
bones begin to degenerate. Bone repair is abnormal and the articular surfaces becomes mishapen,reducing mobility of the
joint. Chronic inflammation develops with e’fusion(collection of fluid) into the joint, possibly due to irritation caused by tissue
debris not removed by phagocytes. Sometimes there is abnormal outgrowth of cartilage at the edges of
bones that becomes ossified, forming osteophytes. In mostcases, the cause of OA is unknown(primary OA), but risk factors
include excessive repetitive use of affected joints,female gender,increasing age,obesity and heredity. Secondary OA occurs
when the joint is already affected by disease or abnormality e.g,trauma or gout. Osteoarthritis Usually develops in late middle
age and affects large weight-bearing jointsi.e, the hips,knees and joints of the cervical and lower lumbar spine. In many cases
only one joint is involved.
Use of braces and other orthotics and prosthetics have proved their efficiency in accomodation, correction, support,fix and
unload. To the impaired linbs and other deformities.

Author(s): Dr Muwanguzi Paul

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