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Myofunctional and Postural Rehabilitation

Miofunctional Postural Rehabilitation is a method that seeks balance between stomatognatic system and the rest of the
body, used at any age, in the dysfunctional patients and stroke patients. In medical sciences usually we have relapses in our
treatments, and we are not aware for, patients with chronic pain, sometimes are visited for several specialists, without results.
After that journey, they are considered as psychiatric patients. and the specialist is disappointed, this happens because does
not have a holistic optic in ours therapies , a major cause for which this happens is the negative action of the stomatognathic
system on the static posture altering the function of other receptors like eye and foot. Dysfunction treatment should be carried
identifying the origin of the disease and therapeutic priority. The MPR will teach you to identify it and treat the disease with
natural and physiological treatment

Author(s): Prof Dr Silverio Di Rocca

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