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Microbiology and physico-chemical analysis of different sources of drinking water in Dahanu Taluka of Thane district

The present research work is an attempt to investigate quality of different sources of drinking water in Dahanu taluka of Thane district, which covered the physico-chemical, microbiological parameters and the effect of contaminated water as related to human health. Due to illiteracy and various human activities the quality of drinking water in this area is likely to change and it is not good indicator as regards to human health. Total 10 stations were selected for collection of water samples at different locations in and around Dahanu taluka region viz. Bordi, Gholwad, Chikhla, Borigaon, Aagwan, Ashagad, Kasa, Kosbad, Dabon and Dahanu. Municipal corporation of Dahanu facilitates drinking water in limited area, in alternate to this people keeps option as hand pumps, wells, river and dams etc. but water without treatment is very dangerous for consumption to human beings therefore it is very important to assess the quality of drinking water in Dahanu taluka of Thane district. The present investigation will generates database for drinking water quality and many water born diseases in Dahanu taluka of Thane district which will be helpful for Municipal Corporation and Health department of Dahanu taluka. Presence of bacteria in water samples is not a good indicator immediate action is needed circumvent this problem and necessary antimicrobial disinfectants should be employed in an important water sources.

Author(s): Kadam Surendra S. and Agrawal Bharti A

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