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Maxillary Alveolar Bone Dimensional Changes of Post -Extraction Sockets in Humans

Dentistry has remarkable advancements in dental restorative materials, techniques and strategies that are remarkable in many ways. Scientifically proven approaches have proved that implants were esthetically and functionally excellent options for tooth replacement. Restoration of dental implant is considered to be a highly evolved procedure for oral health care considering reserved specialists and requires training beyond the regular dental school curriculum. Considering these important facts, a thorough knowledge of maxillary sinus anatomy in the edentulous patient is very much required for placement of successful maxillary sinus implants and the changes occurring in it periodically due course with no replacement. Treatment planning is very crucial considering the events occurring in dimensional changes in the maxillary sinus for successful implant placements and prognosis. The current study focuses on physical and physiological events occurring in the maxillary sinus due to a lack of prosthesis.

Author(s): Mohammad Naffizuddin,Bharani Krishna, D.Lokanathan Balaji, Ch. Ram,Sunil, V. Sujana, K. Madhu,Kiran Naik

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