Lack of Association of Paraoxonase 1 Promoter Polymorphisms with Gulf War Illness

Low humor PON1 levels ar related to Gulf War unhealthiness (GWI). we have a tendency to sought-after to analyze the role of PON1 promoter polymorphisms in shaping PON1 levels in GWI. There were no variations within the distribution of the PON1 - 108 or PON1 -909 genotypes between the Gulf War Veterans (GWV) and therefore the controls; but, PON1 activity and concentration were considerably lower within the GWV. In the management population, PON1 activity was considerably totally different between the PON1 -108 genotypes within the order CC>TC>TT (PGC>CC (P<0.001). However, in the GWV, such activity variations between genotypes weren't evident. within the GWV PON1 activity was considerably lower all told the PON1 -108 and -909 genotypes compared to controls. There were no variations in PON1 concentration between any of the PON1 -108 or -909 genotypes in either population, however, the concentration was lower all told genotypes within the Veterans compared to the controls. Low humor PON1 levels seem to be associated with symptoms of GWI freelance of PON1 promoter and secret writing region polymorphisms. additional studies with larger cohorts ar needed to outline a task for PON1 in GWI.

Author(s): Mike Mackness

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