Jan Andolan: A strategy to create change agents to sensitize school children about holistic health and nutrition in Vadodara district, Gujarat, India

Purpose: Malnutrition among school children is a cause of concern in India. Faulty dietary practices, lack of physical activity and stress are the major factors contributing to dual burden of mal nutrition in school children. Anemia – micronutrient malnutrition is also prevalent among this group. Various strategies to improve nutritional status are implemented at present. Recently National nutrition Mission is focusing on Jan andolan strategy to create awareness in community for improving their nutritional status. the present study was planned to form a nutrition brigade – change agents to sensitize their own school fellows on various aspects of nutrition and health.

Methods: List of schools having secondary division were obtained from the district education office of the Vadodara. These schools are divided in 7 Shala Vikas sankul( SVS) - School  development Clusters). From 7 SVS total of 60 schools were selected after permission from concerned authorities. Students of 9 and 11 th were enrolled for the study .Based on their anthropometry measurements, leadership qualities and basic knowledge about nutrition and health four change agents were selected from each enrolled school s

Results: from each school four change agents’ two boys and two girls were selected. In all 240 change agents are selected. In the month of September-   Nutrition month celebrations, these change agents will be sensitized about jan andolan strategy using various activity based approach to create awareness about nutrition and health amongst their fellow school children.

Conclusion: 240 change agents are serving as effective strategy to achieve holistic health of school children in India.

Author(s): Sudhir Joshi

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