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Improvement in Wear Resistance of AISI H13 Steel by Pack-Boronizing Method

Boronizing has been employed to increase the service life of parts such as orifices, ingot molds and dies for hot forming made of AISI H13steel. In this study, pack boronizing was done of AISI H13 Steel. Samples were boronized at 950°C for 0.5 hr, 1 hr and 4 hr. In all the specimens both the iron boride layers (FeB, Fe2B) were formed. It was seen that as soaking time increases, thickness of boride depth also increases. Continuous decrease in the hardness from surface to unboronized layer was observed. Boronized specimen at 950°C for 4 hr showed better hardness and so was studied for further investigation. This study was compared with Nitrocarburized cycle at 550°C for 12 hr. High wear resistance was observed in the boronized specimen than in nitrocarburized sample. COF was ranging from 0.40 to 0.70.

Author(s): Niketan Manthani, Akshay Joshi, Vinayak Pawar and Rajkumar Singh

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