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Identification of the new alleles in salinity tolerant rice local cultivars through phenotypic and genotypic screening

For 15 years the France is engaged in an in-depth studyon the evolution of its health system. The issue of collaborationbetween doctors and nurses is redesigned onthe mode of practice advanced care. The ageing of thepopulation, medical demography and technological developmentaccelerate this change. Once the principleslaid down, the actors struggle to agree to their implementationas professional hierarchies are debates.Advanced practices are finally recognized, but are basedon two relatively different conceptions of nurse practitionersor clinical nurses. The choice to put under medicalsupervision confirms a position of medical assistant.But paradoxically this is the unavoidable way, in theFrench system and culture, to move towards greater autonomyfor nurses.With the issue of advanced care practices, it is the entireprocess of the transfer of nursing education to theUniversity which is at stake with the prospect of clinicalmasters and then PhD in care, as exists in many countries.The development of clinical training at the Universitywill feed nursing research and contribute to theknowledge on the evolution of the practices of care forthe benefit of users

Author(s): Letourneau Dominique

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