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Genetics, Inheritability Factors and Addictions

Disorders related to the addiction to drugs and substances are regarded as one of the major causes of deaths that, however, can be prevented by Slutske et al. But various genetic and environmental factors may greatly aggravate such a dependency, especially if take into consideration that most of them can be inherited. НLs fact was confirmed by the findings of the studies conducted on twins i.e., twin studies, according to which the addiction may occur due to the existence of genetic etiology. While examining the dangers of drug and substance abuse, it is crucial to comprehend the biological occurrences that cause addiction and establish drugs that can disrupt with cellular mechanisms to prevent and cure the dependence. That is, the understanding of the factors that influence nicotine dependence is critical in lowering the rate of smoking.

Author(s): Clairmont Griffith and Bernice La France

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