Evaluation of A Rapid Visual Pregnancy (Bio- RPD) test for detection of Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB) in Cow Serum

The early pregnancy diagnosis allows optimizing production and timely management correction, with a greater reproductive output of livestock. The BioPRYN Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test® from Bio tracking USA consists of an ELISA for visual reading which does not require the use of readers in the laboratory, with satisfactory pregnancy diagnoses at 28 days of pregnancy in heifers and 30 days in cows. Therefore, the aim of this study is to determine the accuracy of this rapid test (Bio-RPD) based on visual observation of color change and Optical Density (OD) using BioPRYN Flex ELISA. For this purpose, 92 serum samples from cows were tested. The numbers of positive pregnant samples obtained with Biorapid (Bio-RPD) were 63 (68.5 %) while with BioPRYN Flex ELISA was 66 (71.7%). The numbers of negative not pregnant samples were 25 (27.2%) with Bio-RPD while they were 26 (28.2%0) with BioPRYN ELISA. Three samples were recorded as recheck with Bio-RPD and they were pregnant with BioPRYN Flex. Only one sample was identified as pregnant by Bio-RPD (1.1%) while it is not pregnant by BioPRYN Flex ELISA (false positive). Test results were showing that accuracy of the BioPRYN Visual Pregnancy test kit with sensitivity of 99% compared to BioPRYN ELISA Pregnancy test kit. In conclusion, we recommend that the Bio-RPD visual test could be used as a rapid accurate tool for pregnancy diagnosis on farms which has no laboratory ELISA equipment or trans rectal ultrasonography.

Author(s): Osman A. Hameed, Mohammed Mustafa, Niveen Madi and Willy Tate

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